CP Training Solutions is a BILD ACT certified centre that offers training meeting the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Standards. Please click here to view our certificate.

This PMVA training programme is designed to support healthcare professionals working for recruitment agencies and other organisations within the United Kingdom (UK). Completion of this training provides opportunities to work with various agencies, NHS Trusts, and private mental healthcare settings countrywide.

This training uses approved techniques that are underpinned in the core curriculum skills sets. The physical intervention techniques/skills taught have undergone a thorough risk assessment in line with health and safety and medically assessed to always demonstrate their safety. GSA techniques aim to work in tandem with current guidelines from the Department of Health that advocatesthe use of techniques that maintain patient safety as opposed to those that introduce an element of risk such as prone restraint.

The techniques taught during the course aim to up skill the participants with approved physical interventions that may be used to safely support clients during a period of challenging behaviour. Furthermore, the techniques taught do not endorse or promote the use of pain to force to subdue service users into submission.  This is because deliberate inflicting of pain is not only unethical but also erodes the ability to foster a therapeutic relationship with the client. On completion of training, staff will be equipped with the much-needed skills, knowledgebase, and confidence by employing the numerous approaches to safely support individuals during crisis. The use of these approaches taught are such that it places the wellbeing of the patients first.

Course contents follow the principles underpinned within the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Department of Health, The National Institute for Health, and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance. Staff are also taught about the legislations, the need to carry our dynamic risk assessments, stages of the assault cycle, identifying triggers, communication skills, verbal and non-verbal de-escalation approaches, risk associated with restraints, teamwork, and disengagement approaches. Training can be facilitated inhouse and tailored to the needs of the commissioning organisation.

Additionally, we cannot accept pregnant participants because of the physical nature of PMVA training. Before attendance, post- natal participants should seek guidance from their GP. Additionally, all participants should wear appropriate clothing such as a t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

For any concerns, please contact the following telephone numbers: 0749 5054 594 | 0333 0117 703 or send an email to info@cptrainingsolutions.com


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