The enquiries made around abuses in various healthcare settings found that restrictive approaches have not been used as a last resort. Evidence suggests that restrictive approaches significantly prompt delay in recovery, leading to physical and psychological distress to both service users and staff (Department of Health, 2014). There is a need to change such practices and adopt the least restrictive approach. To ensure that people are safe, and recovery is promoted, a framework must be used to transform the leadership, proficiency in practice and alter traditions to improve care delivery.

CP training solutions is an approved National Federation of Personal Safety (NFPS) centre that provides ratified NFPS physical intervention techniques/skills. The physical intervention techniques/skills taught have undergone a thorough risk assessment in line with health and safety and medically assessed to demonstrate their safety at all times.

The NFPS techniques aim to work in tandem with up to date guidelines from the Department of Health that advocates for staff not to use prone/face-down restraint by minimising the use of restrictive approaches. It will emphasise safe options as opposed to the use of harmful techniques.

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