Why opt for CP Training Solutions?

  • You are guaranteed a service that is dependable.
  • Practical training that is reasonably priced.
  • Pieces of training are interactive, enjoyable and stress-free.
  • Specialised training.
  • Person-centered approach.

With the variety of organizations offering training, we recognize you require a reason to choose your training provider. At CP Training Solutions we strive to provide you with:

Dependable Service

CP training solutions provide reliable service by ensuring that delivery of training is efficient. Additionally, we aim to provide excellent customer support with fast response time.

Cost of training is reasonably priced.

As you invest in your training, we acknowledge that maintaining a sustainable budget is crucial. Therefore, at CP Training Solutions we will strive to work with you in ensuring that the prices are reasonable.

Pieces of training are interactive, enjoyable and stress-free.

At CP Training Solutions, we use an approach that ensures learners more efficiently participate in the sessions, enthusiastic about returning to refreshers and sharing their enjoyable and stress-free experienced with others.

Specialised training

The training is geared at supporting patients through episodes of challenging behaviour, conflict, violence, and aggression. The trainer uses their wealth of experience in healthcare and incorporates the syllabus of The National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) to embed the high standards into training.

Person-centred approach.

In healthcare settings, evidence suggests that person-centred approach is crucial since it ensures inclusivity and involvement of all stakeholders. Therefore, the training provided addresses the needs of service users, organizations and staff.

Any inquiries you have regarding your training needs are welcome. Please contact us on 07495 054594.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Bessie Sanders

Production Manager

CP Training Solutions did an excellent job of tailoring the Manual Handling course to fit within the time constraints we placed upon them. The content was presented clearly and backed up with handouts. Will definitely use CP Training Solutions again! Thank you.

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Any enquiries you have regarding your training needs are welcome.