This is an excellent training that provides healthcare staff with the skills to ensure that the administration and management of medication follow the appropriate guidelines. 

When medication is used as originally intended, it is instrumental in ensuring that the emerging symptoms are eliminated, and an individual’s life improves considerably. However, when it is misused, this tends to be so dangerous and at times, fatal.

The healthcare staff have a duty to ensure that they manage medication safely and work in collaboration with service users in complying with their prescribed medication while respecting the choices made and upholding their dignity.

The content of the courses includes:

  • Legislations relating to the administration of the medications.
  • The 10 R’s of medication administration.
  • The types and classification of medications.
  • Maintaining accurate records.
  • Adverse reactions, allergies and overdoses.
  • Supporting self-administration of the medication safely.
  • Monitoring the systems of storage and disposal of medications.
  • Accurate medication calculations.
  • Routes of medications to the body.
  • Reasons and types of medication errors.


  • Identify the relevant legislations.
  • Identify common medications.
  • Identify medications that are prescribed.
  • Identify the possible medication errors that may take place.
  • Understand the significance of record keeping.
  • Understand the 10 R’s of medication administration.

The training provides participants with the much-needed information that will enhance care delivery and ensure that potential medication errors are minimised during medication administration. It is recommended that this training is renewed yearly.

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