What Does The Care Certificate Entail?

The Care Certificate was introduced in accordance with the 2013 Cavendish Report’s recommendations to:

  • Enhance and complement the National Minimum Training Standards (NMTS) and Common Induction Standards (CIS).
  • Outline the specialised knowledge, skills, and requirements that will guarantee a compassionate and caring level of service.

Who Can Use The Course For Care Certification?

All carers, healthcare assistants, and social professionals can enrol in the Care Certificate programme:

  • Anyone who, throughout the first 12 weeks, are either new to the workforce or new to care.
  • Or current employees in need of refresher training.

Care Certificate: Why Is It Needed?

The Care Certificate establishes a baseline against which standards can be evaluated and inspires public confidence in the delivery of healthcare services.

Course Content

  1. Understand Your Role.
  2. Your Personal Development.
  3. Duty of Care.
  4. Equality and Diversity.
  5. Work in a Person Centred Way.
  6. Communication.
  7. Privacy and Dignity.
  8. Fluids and Nutrition.
  9. Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities.
  10. Safeguarding Adults.
  11. Safeguarding Children.
  12. Basic Life Support (including practical session).
  13. Health and Safety (including moving and handling hoist practical session).
  14. Handling Information.
  15. Infection Prevention and Control.

Care Certificate: How Does It Work?

The Care Certificate is divided into two sections:

  • Training
  • Putting skills to use at work.

We can assist you with the training element of the job; either you may attend an open course, or one of our professionals can conduct our high impact classroom training course at your place of employment.

Care professionals, healthcare assistants, and social workers can obtain the knowledge they need to work towards achieving the Care Certificate by enrolling in our Care Certificate Training Classroom Course.

This implies that your company will require proof that you can put what you’ve learned into practice at work after we’ve given you the training.

On the day of training, you will receive a Care Certificate booklet, which you will fill out with information you have learned. After you have shown this expertise, you can take this book to work and have your employers sign off.

Why Consider Us?

  • The ‘Skills for Care’ – Care Certificate Standards are matched to the Care Certificate Training Course.
  • This comprehensive course combines expert video content, practical engagement, and demonstrations. Every module is finished in a single day.
  • All delegates can now log their knowledge and assessments completed in one book with our new Care Certificate workbook. Once this information has been proven, they can bring this book to work and have their employers sign off on it.
  • Every trainer for our Care Certificate is a highly qualified individual.

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